Ree Kohl – C’mon and love her

Official videoclip of Ree Kohl’s «C’mon and love her». With Little Rock Star and David Kiss as extras. Ree Kohl are J. ReeKohl (vocals / rhythm guitar / songwriter), L. Marsà (lead guitar / backing vocals), C. Cervero (bass guitar), J. Steve (drums) and A. Molina (backing vocals). The technical team are Carla Tebar and Dani López (assistants), Cristian Bertolo (photography) and Nerea Román (make-up). Directed and produced by Julio Caminero (JCPro). Recorded with Panasonic Lumix GH3 and Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens images.To see this video at full resolution 30Mb/s see //

Ree Kohl – C’mon and love her

Videoclip oficial de la banda Ree Kohl de su canción «C’mon and love her«. Con la participación de Little Rock Star y David Kiss en la figuración. Además de toda la banda de Ree Kohl que son J. ReeKohl: Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Songwriter, L. Marsà: Lead guitar / Backing Vocals, C. Cervero: Bass Guitar, J. Steve: Drums y A. Molina: Backing Vocals. En la parte técnica tenemos a Carla Tebar y Dani López de ayudantes, a Cristian Bertolo en la fotografía y Nerea Román maquillaje. Dirigido y realizado por Julio Caminero para J.C.PRO. Imágenes grabadas con la cámara Panasonic Lumix GH3 y con el objetivo Panasonic 20mm f1.7.

Creditos de la canción:
REE KOHL: C’MON AND LOVE HER (Cold War Remake 2014)
Music by Jordi Ricol/ Lyrics by Jordi Ricol and Federico Navarro © (2014 September)

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